ZAK Center for Contemporary Art

April, 21 – July, 29

Hartmut Böhm – Auslegungen (sculptures and installations)

On the occasion of his 80th Birthday the Center for Contemporary Art is showing a major exhibition of sculptures and environmental works by Berlin based sculptor Hartmut Böhm (born 1938). In a space of around 600 square metre Böhm is developing an artistic concept of minimalistic interventions and installations that react on the 19th century architecture of the Old Barracks.

Formal reduction and concentration are characteristics of Böhms artistic work since he studied with Documenta-Founder Arnold Bode at Kassel Art Academy between 1958-1962. As an artist and professor he belongs to the well known and influential figures in the context of German Minimal Art and Constructivism. For his both strong and poetic works Böhm uses cast iron beams and simple materials as well as objects of daily use.


Klaus Noculak – Projects for the public space

The artist and designer Klaus Noculak (born 1937) has realized major public art projects as well as Land Art projects in different German cities. The exhibition in the Projektraum is showing models, drafts, photography and drawings of the most important works Noculak was realizing since the 1970s.

Jürgen Baumann – Berlin Artists Portraits

As a photographer, artist and curator Jürgen Baumann (born 1958) is part of the Berlin Art Community since the early 1980s. Except his own artistic work he takes photos of well known artists, actors and singers since that time. In the Lounge of the Center for Contemporary Art he shows a selection of characteristic portraits.