ZAK Center for Contemporary Art

13 October – 6 January 2019


Albert Weis – changes (upper floor)

The Berlin-based artist Albert Weis (* 1969 in Passau) varies with his multidimensional settings of installation, photography and sculpture at the interface between architecture and display, between technical construction and artistic object. The main topics of his art are fractions and productive gaps in the German and European history. Albert Weis’ space-filling installation “changes”, made of mirrored walls, will be the center of the exhibition at ZAK (Galerie). For that, Albert Weis refers to the star-shaped citadel ground plan, the so called “Lynarplan” from 1578, which represents the perfect Renaissance form.

ill.: Albert Weis, parts, 2016, Aluminium, Neon, Foto: Albert Weis © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, 2018


Sharon Kivland – Die Holzdiebe (Project Room)

The exhibition Die Holzdiebe of Anglo-French artist and theorist Sharon Kivland (* 1955 in Germany) takes the 200th birthday of Karl Marx as an opportunity to focus on his earlier publications about the “Debates on the law of thefts of wood” for the “Rheinische Zeitung” in 1842. Sharon Kivland’s presentation at ZAK (Projektraum) combines paintings, texts, and objects like stuffed animals sporting Phrygian bonnets – the cap of liberty. In relation to each other, they create a complex political association space.

ill.: Sharon Kivland, Forest after Grimm, 2018, watercolour drawing


Fabian Heublein – Voll Farbe (Lounge)

With his artistic work, the photographer Fabian Heublein (* 1986 in Leipzig) concentrates on the contemporary working world. In his new project he portrays actors in the graffiti scenes i.a. in Leipzig and Berlin. His remarkable portraits are exhibited at the ZAK (Lounge).

ill.: Fabian Heublein, Frank, 2017, photography