12 May 2017 – 3 September 2017
Opening: 11 May 2017, 7 p.m.

With the exhibition the art department of Spandau pays homage to an important but until now only rarely noticed European artist, who had her roots in the Havel-town. For the first time her life and work are presented through numerous photographs and documents, although her sculptural work is the centre stage.
85 sculptures from the different periods of her work are shown, which are characterized by great sensibility and humanity – independent of the particular theme.

A large illustrated catalogue of 128 pages will be released together with the exhibition.

Genni. Jenny Wiegmann-Mucchi (1895-1969). The Sculptress in Italy und Germany



29 May – 27 August 2017
Opening: 28 May 2017,  11.30 a.m.

A selection of works of Cäsar W. Radetzky are shown from 29 May till 27 August 2017 in the Gallery Old Barracks at the Citadel. Since two years the artist lives and works in Berlin-Spandau. The presented oil paintings, paper works and bronze sculptures were created during the last 16 years in Munich, Italy and Berlin, in which personal experiences, travels, music and literature were determining the pictorial invention. Distinctive for his paintings is the summary of the experienced, listened and read in picture cycles, which then reflect his feelings in a compressed form. The expressionistic forms of his works generate strong dynamics, which draw the viewer into the picture.

People interested in the arts will learn more about the works from the artist at a tour through the exhibition as well as in a workshop in cooperation with the Youth Artschool Berlin-Spandau.

Tour through the exhibition: 21 June 2017,  3 p.m.  (registration: verwaltung@zitadelle-berlin.de / 030-354 944 297)

FURIOSO - Cäsar W. Radetzky