18th November 2016 – 30th April 2017

A selection of works of the art exhibition “Unveiled. A different Perspective on Monuments” will still be presented in the first floor of the Old Barracks till 30th April 2017. Artworks from Matthias Koeppel, Liane Lang, Ingeborg Leuthold, Søren Lose, Katharina Pöhlmann und SOOKI stand representative for the works of other artists, which dealed with the intentions and effects of monuments and which were already shown from 29th April to 30th October 2016. In the exhibition you can encounter many monuments, which are presented in original in the new museum “Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments” in the Provisions Depot. But other than in the historical exhibition you may find here an artistic, a different perspective on monuments.

The catalogue of the exhibition with background information to the artists and images of the presented works is available at the Museum Shop.

Unveiled. A different Perspective on Monuments - A Selection



18th November 2016  – 30th April 2017

The artist Ulrike Damm wrote three novels about the degradation of her mother, which was sickened with Alzheimer’s disease. She then transferred her novel-trilogy with a pencil on about 2.000 paper sheets, notes and file cards. Her handwriting reveals, what for a long time had been concealed to the protagonist: the truth about the process of desperation.
Every single sheet is a unique drawing of text material, of which it is no longer required to be read completly, but particularly to be contemplated and understood.

Three novels – three artworks of script are presented, combined in one installation. According to Ulrike Damm, it was the pencil which rewrote the novels in a new way and brought the fights of her characters into a ‘picture of language’.


The Poetry of the Book Keeper - Ulrike Damm, drawings

Ulrike Damm, Die Peosie des Buchhalters