ZAK Center for Contemporary Art

/ Meisterstück! Hauptwerke aus der Sammlung der Sparkasse Leipzig

/ Clemens Gröszer – Die Portraits

6 April – 28 July 2019

Two exhibitions show the extremely heterogeneous lines of tradition in the visual arts from the early GDR through reunification to the present day:

The exhibition “Meisterstück! Hauptwerke aus der Kunstsammlung der Sparkasse Leipzig”, draws the fascinating paths of Leipzig art from the founding generation of the “Leipzig School” to the influential teacher figures of the “New Leipzig School” to the present day. The focus is on figurative painting, represented by artists such as Bernhard Heisig, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Arno Rink and Neo Rauch. In addition, there are central positions in graphic art as well as important works by photo-artists such as Astrid Klein, Florian Ebner, Anett Stuth and Ricarda Roggan.

Also at ZAK, the Berlin painter Clemens Gröszer (1951-2014), an artist who always belonged to the extraordinary positions beyond the mainstream both in the late GDR and in the Federal Republic of Germany, will be in the spotlight. With more than 60 portraits from all creative phases, the exhibition at the ZAK, with prominent loans from public and private collections, paints a multifaceted portrait of the painter whose neo-overist painting style, oriented towards the great masters, was decidedly in opposition to current developments in art. The exceptional artist Clemens Gröszer and his humorous and critical view of social upheavals can be discovered.

Wolfgang Mattheuer, Große Straße II, 1962, Öl auf Hartfaser, 129 x 89 cm, © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, Foto: Jürgen Kunstmann
Clemens Gröszer, Portrait A. K., 2012, Mischtechnik auf Hartfaser auf MDF-Platte, 61 x 50 cm, © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, Foto: Bernd Borchardt

ZAK – Zitadellenhof

Rainer W. Gottemeier – Blinken – Blitzen – Blicken

A light installation at the ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art

7 March – 12 May 2019, daily from dusk onwards

In the coming months, the winter courtyard of the Spandau Citadel will become the setting for an impressive light art in public spaces: in the slit-like mezzanine windows of the Old Barracks, light artist Rainer W. Gottemeier will create a rhythmically illuminated light installation consisting of 74 sea rescue lamps. After dusk, they emit a flash of light every two seconds. Over a length of more than 80 metres, a moving line of light points is created. Since the lamps are not calibrated, they develop an irregular and random rhythm. Thus, new constellations and visual events are constantly formed: “The light itself is a short foretelling that shines as something real, it is something spatial in time. They are gestures into the open, into the free world of the Citadel Square.” (Rainer W. Gottemeier)

ill.: Rainer W. Gottemeier, Untitled, 2019

Guided Tours

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A guided tour through the special exhibition MASTERPIECE will give you an overview of the citadels history and the newly installed ZAK – a center for contemporary art.