Artist’s Intervention – “Haut, Stein”


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Video installation by Jakob Ganslmeier

The photographic projekt “Haut, Stein” (“Skin, Stone”) by Jakob Ganslmeier focusses on the exit of former neo-Nazi from the right-wing scene on the one hand and the handling of historic Nazi symbols in public architecture. Individual portraits display the procedure of leaving an extreme scene by showing the tedious removal of Nazi tattoos. Black-and-white photographs show historic Nazi aesthetic on buildings which has been left there despite the denazification or is still visible after attempts to remove it. These architectural impressions are designed as diptychs and exhibit the Nazi symbols in juxtaposition with their local surroundings

“Haut, Stein” puts individual stories in a greater political and social context. This composition of portraits, stories and personal developments of dropouts as well as the architectural photographs conveys an analysis of our handling of Nazi symbolism and  practices. All too often, the German past is treated like a closed chapter, and this video installation of works by Jakob Ganslmeier aims to keep a discourse alive.

This installations is integrated into the permanent exhibition “Enthült. Berlin udn seine Denkmäler” (“Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments”) as an artistic intervention. “Enthüllt” shows political monuments and zooms in on the relation between their past and their current reference to us.

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