Cauldrons, cats & crystals – Return of the witches?

Beginning: Sat 12.9.2020 - 17.00
Ending: Sat 12.9.2020 - 20.00

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In connection with the exhibition Disturbance: witch in the Center for Contemporary Art, we invite you to the workshop “Cauldrons, cats & crystals – Return of the witches?”

5.00 – 6.00 p.m. Exhibition tour through “Disturbance: witch”
6.30 – 8.00 p.m. “Cauldrons, cats & crystals – return of the witches?”

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Why talk about witches today? The witch hunt legitimized the institutional murder of educated, successful and self-determined women. In the 80s, Italian feminists got involved with the battle cry “Tremate, tremate, le streghe son tornate!” (“Shiver, shiver, the witches are back!”) For the right to divorce, abortion and against sexual violence. In 2020, the wart-nosed woman from children’s fairy tales will be hanging around 4.9 million times under the hashtag #witchesofinstagram on social media and reaping likes for moon phase DIYs, crystal hauls and sex-positive feminism, while right-wing populists have forgotten the history of the witch hunt instrumentalize – so how now !? We want to take possession of the witch narrative with you, explore activist potential and question its appropriation. To do this, we look into all facets of the magical crystal ball and together create a map of power and empowerment. When the moon is in the last quarter, come to the witches’ circle – even without a broom, pointed hat and cauldron (but with a black cat if you like)!

Oliwia Hältlein is a cultural scientist and dramaturge and works in text and performance at the interface between feminism and art. She wrote the booklet “The hymen does not exist”, just published by MaroVerlag. She organizes workshops and action weeks on sexual education, feminism and pornography and is co-founder of the Freiburg action week “Enlightened ?! We take it into our own hands!”
Together with Sophie Wohlgemuth, she launched the digital art project DEEP.
Website: Oliwia Holderlein, Instagram: Oliwia Holderlein

Sophie Wohlgemuth works as a publisher, editor, translator and coach to convey gender and diversity issues. As a writer and trained singer, she finds access to language, art and performance and is enthusiastic about experimental exercises that create connections (“We take off our socks and rub our feet with mustard …”). She has organized events in Europe and Asia in a variety of projects at the TU Berlin and, as a transdisciplinary chameleon, sees herself as a transdisciplinary chameleon that brings together different people for a common issue.
Website: botopress

Fig .: Fibonacci Blue | Wikimedia Commons
Abb.:Fibonacci Blue | Wikimedia Commons