*CANCELLED* Focus: Traffic – A guided tour about Spandau’s infrastructure in “Jein Danke”

Saturday 12.12.2020
Beginning: 17.00

A guided tour by  Dominik Draheim through the exhibition “Jein Danke – Spandau and the founding of Greater-Berlin 1920” with the focus: Traffic.

What led to the Spandauer identity? In the area of tension between the Berlin administration / Spandau magistrate and the everyday life of the residents of Spandau, the topics of traffic, work, leisure, housing and the military are presented, which were decisive for Spandau around 1920 and fundamental for today’s (self) perception of Spandau. Objects, texts and participatory possibilities reflect the change from the stubborn city to the self-ironic part of Berlin.


/ Participation only possible with registration until 10.12 : anmeldung@zitadelle-berlin.de – number of participants limited to 15 people
/ More information about the exhibition here

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