Curator’s tour “Beyond drawing”

ZAK - Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst (Alte Kaserne)

Sunday 21.8.2022 4.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.

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Matthias Beckmann and Katja Pudor will guide visitors through the exhibition “Beyond Drawing”, which they curated. Together with the visitors they talk in front of the artworks about the manifold possibilities, ways and forms of expression of drawing.

Small drawings can contain a whole world within the confines of the page. Drawing can become an installation, crossing the boundaries between painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, music, literature and combining different media. Drawing can be performance.

Katja Pudor and Matthias Beckmann also tell what it is like when a draftswoman and a draftsman develop an exhibition together.
Matthias Beckmann writes: “If exhibition organizers are never objective, a draftswoman and a draftsman certainly are not. We don’t see the field of drawing from the outside, we are part of the field.”



/ More information abaout the exhibition “Beyond Drawing” [click here]



Abb.: Exhibition view “Beyond Drawing” | Photo: Klaus Mellenthin (BFF, DGPh)