*CANCELLED* SPAM – Spandau macht Alte Musik | Lautten Compagney Berlin & Vocalconsort Berlin, Johannes Weiss – »1640«

Italienische Höfe

Beginning: Fri 15.5.2020 - 19.30
Ending: Fri 15.5.2020 - 21.30

Price 32,- € / reduced 26,- €

Johannes Weiss, harpsichord & direction

Lautten Compagney
Andreas Pfaff, Daniela Gubatz, violin | Alexander Brungert, Till Krause, David Joseph Yacus, trombone | Ulrike Becker, Violone Jennifer Harris, dulzian | Hans-Werner Apel, theorbo | Luise Enzian, harp | Mark Nordstrand, organ

Vocalconsort Berlin
Kathleen Danke, Katja Kunze, soprano | Jennifer Gleinig, Philip Cieslewicz, alto | Stephan Gähler, Samir Boudjadja, tenor | Jakob Ahles, Christoph Drescher, bass

Monteverdi’s late work »Selva Morale«, and the sensual psalm settings of the young Rigatti, both published in Venice in 1640, steal us away to the golden domes of St. Mark’s Basilica. While the younger composer conjures up astonishingly sweet vocal works, Monteverdi’s compositions stand out due to their brilliant, individual ideas. Words, his musical pearls, are deftly strung together, the perfect one bursting out at the right moment, like the crash of lightning in a silent room. The septuagenarian continually stays modern, a true contemporary to his much younger (by 50 years) colleague.


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The concert will be recorded by rbbKultur

Lautten Compagney