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Italienische Höfe

Beginning: Sun 24.5.2020 - 11.00
Ending: Sun 24.5.2020 - 13.00

Price 38,- € / reduced 35,- € (Brunch included)

Julia Andres and Yeuntae Jung, recorders | Hyngun Cho, baroque cello | Amandine Affagard, lute/theorbo | Camille Ravot, harpsichord

»… in the end, it all comes down to money« begins a song by Telemann. As not only a composer, but also a music engraver, publisher, and concert organizer, he surely knew what he was talking about. For decades, he was able to skillfully deliver to the musical tastes of his time like no one else. His French counterpart Boismortier was no less clever – he supposedly always carried around a writing tablet on which he notated the good ideas of other composers, in order to use them in his own work as well. Nexus Baroque portrays these two creative minds, their clever marketing strategies, and their ever-wonderful music.

Brunch included!