“Shell we talk?” in the Galerie Historischer Keller

Beginning: Thu 28.10.2021 - 18.00
Ending: Thu 28.10.2021 - 20.00

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We invite you to join the artist Ekaterina Burlyga and the curators of the exhibition “Auflösung” Kira Dell and Laura Seidel at “Shell we talk?” to get into conversation in the Galerie Historischer Keller.


Ekaterina Burlyga weaves German history into her work as an artistic material. She takes up concrete events, symbols and identities as associations and abstracts them. In the Historischer Keller gallery, Burlyga is showing the extensive installation 0000100100: a carpet that covers the entire gallery floor with colorful trocolors. In her textile work and the accompanying sound installation, the artist decomposes the state symbols of the German national flag and anthem, thereby questioning national representation. Dissolution and decomposition are recurring motifs in Burlyga’s working method. She understands these processes as artistic gestures. Again and again she grinds and wears down state symbols in her work and examines how identities are continuously constructed in social systems and reveals underlying conditions and ambivalences.


The conversation between the curator duo Kira Dell and Laura Seidel and the artist Ekaterina Burlyga is devoted to Burlyga’s way of working, the references in her creative process and the creation of her extensive installation in the Galerie Historischer Keller. The focus is on a relaxed exchange, stimulating discussions and a cultural start to the evening.


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According to the new regulation, the so-called 3-G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) applies to participation in this event. This must be proven in a suitable form.


Fig..: Exhibition view “Ekaterina Burlyga Auflösung. Teil I der Triologie des Un-Heimlichen”
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