Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst

Beginning: Sun 23.2.2020 - 15.00
Ending: Sun 23.2.2020 - 17.00

Price free

“Supposedly public space.
Borders, Security Architecture and Subtle Discipline in Urban Space.”

with Christoph Eggersgluß, Bernadette Keating, Julius C. Schreiner, Sandra Wolf
in the context of the exhibition “Verletzbare Subjekte


The public space is not a static “structure”. In its design, with its rules and orders, its spatial and visual nature, it is always an expression of social developments. It is subject to constant re-construction through the views and perspectives of the respective user groups, the state and private administrators and other interest groups.

In the symposium the researchers Christoph Eggersgluß and Sandra Wolf will present their analyses in order to compare them with the work and research of the artists Bernadette Keating and Julius C. Schreiner.



The event will be in German.



© Bernadette Keating, exhibition view “Not all battlecries are meant to be heard”, 2018