*CANCELLED* SPAM – Spandau macht Alte Musik | Triphonia – »Queen Among the Heather«

Gotischer Saal

Beginning: Fri 15.5.2020 - 22.30
Ending: Fri 15.5.2020 - 23.59

Price 18,- € / reduced 15,- €

Amanda Simons, Gaby Bultmann & Leila Schoeneich, medieval instruments & chant

Since time immemorial, man has told stories about himself, about God, about the world—stories that are at the very roots of European culture. Triphonia embarks on a linguistic and cultural »crossover« journey into the world of European narratives, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages and beyond. English, Swedish, and German ballads meet melodies from the Middle Ages, many of them related to each other across linguistic and temporal boundaries. Songs and dances about noblemen, shepherdesses, and supernatural beings – including the oldest versions of the »Königskinder« and the »Vogelhochzeit« – are performed with one to three voices and a variety of instruments.