Workshops: Classism & Fragility

Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst

Beginning: Sun 1.3.2020 - 11.00
Ending: Sun 1.3.2020 - 17.00

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in the context of the exhibition VERLETZBARE SUBJEKTE

11 am to 1pm: Workshop / Classism
1 pm to 2 pm: Lunch break
2 pm to 5 pm: Workshop / Fragility

Workshop / Classism

Radical Vulnerability – Talking about Classism as an Empowerment Strategy
with Julia Wasenmüller and Kï Lane Schmutz

Our social background accompanies us throughout our lives, from kindergarden to wage work. Nevertheless, the subject of classism remains a taboo – especially in the field of art and culture. But what does art actually mean for whom? And who feels comfortable in art spaces as we know them? Whose experiences and life worlds are regarded as culturally valuable? And who defines this value? All these questions have a class dimension.

Classism is not just about money. The experiences of our social background influence our behavior, our self-confidence and our relationships. These experiences are often associated with feelings of shame and discomfort. Our social background makes us vulnerable in different ways and is linked to other experiences of discrimination.

Some people need to protect themselves because society assigns them a weak position or even because society is hostile and dangerous. Other people can feel comfortable taking up a lot of space.

In the context of the exhibition “Verletzbare Subjekte”, the workshop “Radical Vulnerability – Talking about Classism as an Empowerment Strategy” aims to create a space in which personal stories and experiences can be shared. In different exercises we want to find out how anticlassist struggles can look like from an affected and privileged perspective. How can art as practice be made more accessible? How can we collectively process our experience of vulnerability? And how can talking about classism become an empowering process?

We aim to create a respectful space for everybody. Discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

The workshop will be held in German. If required, English is also possible.

Duration: 2h

Julia Wasenmüller writes for the taz, supernova and Missy, mostly about feminism, anticlassism and her post-soviet identity. After an auto-ethnographic bachelor’s thesis on classism at university, she is now devoting a novel project to her migrant experience of growing up in the West German province in the 1990s.

Kï Lane Schmutz‘s works are based on direct interaction and deal with interpersonal relationships. The movement between different class contexts is always present. The works can be located within the spectrum of artistic activism and can be experienced through film, performance, direct actions and workshops. Schmutz’ diploma at the HGB Leipzig is the autoethnographic film project “Umstand & Beton”.

Workshop / Fragility

with Jul Zureck

…talking feelings

V is for Vulnerability

which is another feeling that has gotten a bad reputation.
I want to welcome Vulnerability as the
way in which we make ourselves open to ourselves
and to others.
Vulnerability can be the foundation for connection

Ann Cvetkovich – An Archive of Feelings

Feelings are often seen as something private, individual, although they are also caused by structures of domination that literally get under the skin, inscribe themselves into the body. They are closely linked to mechanisms of power and suppression, and some bodies are thus more exposed to them than others. Socially, feelings are evaluated as positive or negative according to a neo-liberal machine of exploitation. Negatively occupied affects (fear, anger, sadness) are made a personal problem within the domination matrix and are accordingly ignored, hidden and repressed.

Vulnerability or fragility is less a feeling than a basic condition of human existence. But even this basic condition is clearly evaluated in the patriarchal capitalist productivity ranking (as not powerful, assertive, active etc. and thus potentially threatening). At the same time, an increased vulnerability and the resulting experiences are the product of these conditions due to structurally unequal conditions (racism, sexism, classism, abhorrence, etc.).

In this workshop we will explore vulnerability and fragility as a quality of human existence and search for our own and new references, in terms of the feminist slogan “The private is political”. What does vulnerability mean to me? What possibilities does dealing with my own vulnerability open up for me? What resources can I discover in it? The focus is less on a theoretical discussion than on a personal one. Through body perception, writing and drawing exercises and mapping processes we open up a space to deal with this sensitive topic.

Only with registration:

Duration: approx. 3h

Jul Zureck studied at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB) in Leipzig, works as a freelance artist and deals with queer-feminist and post-colonial themes, gender, body politics and dance, in addition to vulnerability and the political dimensions of feelings.


Ill.: © Kï Lane Schmutz Umstand & Beton