A festival for Berlin
15.05.2020 – 24.05.2020


With the festival »Spandau macht Alte Musik«, the Kulturhaus Spandau has created an exciting new platform in and for Berlin, offering a stage for the city’s own outstanding early music ensembles, while also establishing a presence within Europe through its cooperation with international artists.

The Citadel and the 14th-century St. Nikolai Church in Spandau provide the ideal setting for music of earlier eras.

Based on the fundamental principles of interpreting music both in the context of its own time and on instruments of the period, the research and artistic work of musicians specializing in early music has changed playing and listening habits in the classical music world. Accordingly, the festival strives to ensure an increased presence of early music within Berlin’s cultural scene.

Through generous funding from the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, it has now become possible to help support and promote both this non-commercial branch of music and the city’s own professional musicians, as well as to further develop access to this unique music for a wider audience.


Lautten Compagney
Abb.: Lautten Compagney © Ida Zenner

Artistic Director: Heidi Gröger & Johannes Weiss
Patronage: Klaus Lederer, Senator für Kultur und Europa
Organized by Kulturhaus Spandau

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SPAM – Spandau macht Alte Musik | Susanne Hein – Workshop »Fishing for Music«

Sa. 16.05.2020 | 17:00 Uhr
Kulturhaus Spandau, Galerie Kulturhaus

SPAM – Spandau macht Alte Musik | Le Concert Brisé – »Le Chant des Oiseaux«

Sa. 16.05.2020 | 22:30
Altstadt Spandau, St. Nikolai-Kirche

SPAM – Spandau macht Alte Musik | VAM-Meeting (Vereinigung Alte Musik Berlin e.V.)

Di. 19.05.2020 | 10:00 Uhr
Italienische Höfe