Citadel Tours

With a tour through the exhibition “Castle and Citadel” you will learn everything about the history of the Citadel as well as about the architecture of the building and its architects. Afterwards you can enjoy a wonderful view from the top of Berlins oldest building, the Julius Tower.

Open tours (in German):
Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m.
Admission: 3,- € (plus entrance fee)

English tours for groups can be booked here:

Museum Service Berlin
(+49) 030 / 24 74 98 88
See here for more information.

Exhibition Tours

Masterpiece! Top 100 of the Sparkassen Collection Leipzig

A guided tour through the special exhibition MASTERPIECE will give you an overview of the citadels history and the newly installed ZAK – a center for contemporary art. In a unique collection of the “Sparkasse Leipzig”, 100 works of art reflect on paintings and graphic art within the “Leipziger Schule”. It is shown the first time in Berlin! A guided tour discusses abstract art and highlights the characteristic of this German art movement.

“Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments”

This unique museum with its many monuments offers more than you may see on first sight. You will find a lot of information about Berlin and German history. Discover the hidden stories behind the monuments and take part in an exhibition tour!


From May until August you will have the exclusive chance to discover the hidden places of the citadel! Book a guided tour through the casemates.

All guided Tours can be booked here:
Museum Service Berlin
(+49) 030 / 24 74 98 88
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For kindergarten and primary school groups various sessions are offered free of charge. With stories, songs and a lot of fun the children discover the Citadel and its museums and thereby get to know much about history.

The current programme in German can be downloaded here.
Please ask if a session in English is available.

(+49) 030 / 354 944 -445, fax -296


For groups of children workshops thematically closely linked to castle and fortress are available shortly.

A guided tour for youth in the museum, photo: Citadel Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann


Current learning program in german is available here