The gallery Crown Prince is located on the ground floor of the bastion Crown Prince. Today the rooms are mainly used for temporary exhibitions.

Our current exhibitions can be found here.


Fig.: Bastion Kronprinz © Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau, Zitadelle 2020
Shot in the exhibition “The painter Minna Köhler-Roeber (1883 – 1957) Bourgeois city life and rural idyll”
Exhibition period: February 22, 2020 – August 2, 2020
Curator: Dr. Ralf F. Hartmann
Artist: Minna Köhler-Roeber
Camera & Editing: AugenZeugeKunst
Project management: Theres Laux
Design: Eps51
Music: Moe Jaksch
Produced in: Moe’s Rockin´Chair Studio
Song: Municipal Galleries Berlin
All rights reserved
© Working Group Communal Galleries Berlin, Berlin 2020
© for the artworks: the artists, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn
© for the texts: the authors

Ausstellungseröffnung “Charterflug in die Vergangenheit”

11.11.2021, 18 Uhr
Bastion Kronprinz

Gas for Germania – scenic installation

Scentic Installation
11.11.2020 - 7 p. m.
ZAK - Hall A

“Charterflug in die Vergangenheit” – Curator tour with discussion

Curator tour & discussion
16.12.2021, 6 p.m.
Bastion Kronprinz

“Shell we talk?” with Svenja Tietz

Discussion round
27.1.2022 - 6 p.m.
Bastion Kronprinz