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A masterpiece of Renaissance architecture


Spandau Citadel is considered one of the most important and best preserved Renaissance fortresses in Europe. It stands on an area that was already fortified with a stone castle in the Middle Ages. With the development of firearms, the Spandau castle no longer offered protection. Thus, from 1560 to 1594, the Brandenburg Elector Joachim II had a modern defensive fortress built as western protection for the residential city of Berlin-Cölln.

The specialist Italian architects Francesco Chiaramella de Gandino and Rochus zu Lynar designed a symmetrical complex with four bastions, completely surrounded by water. The ramparts and the defense galleries underneath were designed and equipped in such a way that attackers could be detected from anywhere and put under fire.

The battlements can be visited during guided tours in the summer. A walk on the ramparts is an experience all year round.

Guided Tours

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The public guided tour of the Citadel gives an insight into the eventful history of the place and takes you from the master builders in the 16th century to the 20th century. Every Saturday and Sunday we take you around the site at 2 p.m. The guided tour on the first Sunday of the month is in English.

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Every first Sunday of the month at 2 p.m. we offer is a scenic tour entitled “A fortress for the elector”. On this very special tour, you get an insight into the history of the fortress from the perspective of Lord Holzendorf or his wife and move through other times for an hour.

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Group Tours

Discover our bookable group tours on the history of the citadel, architecture or the history of the city of Spandau.

The Black Corridor, photo: Citadel Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann
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Learn more about the dramatic and eventful history of Spandau Castle.



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