ZAK (Center for Contemporary Art) is a new generous exhibition space for contemporary art and a meeting place for people of all cultures. It opened in May 2018 in the premises of the Old Barracks and it is establishing itself as a center for modern and contemporary art. In changing exhibitions, not only positions of contemporary art, but also the confrontation with the past and the location of the Citadel itself can be admired and discussed on 2,500 m² of exhibition space. The museum’s educational and supporting programs, which are tailored to individual exhibitions, round off your visit to the ZAK.

Current exhibitions


Not only in Space, but also in Time


Abb.: Alexander Pascal Forré, Still aus Die wahre Nacktheit (The true nudity) (Ausschnitt), 2018

Verletzbare Subjekte



18.1.2020 – 2.8.2020
Gallery, upper floor


Georgia Krawiec / radiKAHLschlag


18.1.2020 – 2.8.2020