The permanent exhibition “Unveiled. Berlin and its Monuments” opened in April 2016 in the former Provisions Depot. The cultural-historical exhibition shows political monuments which were once part of Berlin’s urban landscape but have been removed. Some of the most important exhibits are the group of monuments of the Siegesallee built between 1898 to 1901 depicting the Brandenburg-Prussian rulers, the Zehnkämpfer (Decathlete) designed by Arno Breker and characterised by National Socialism, and the head of the monumental Lenin statue unveiled in 1970 at today’s Platz der Vereinten Nationen in Friedrichshain.

What is normally not allowed in a museum, is possible here – you can touch most of the objects!

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Monumnets of the Siegesallee, photo: Friedhelm Hoffmann © Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, Zitadelle Spandau

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This unique museum with its many monuments offers more than you may see on first sight. You will find a lot of information about Berlin and German history. Discover the hidden stories behind the monuments and take part in an exhibition tour!

Monument to the fallen Railwaymen, photo: Citadel Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann
Genius of the battle at Grossgoerschen, photo: Citadel Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann
Steles of the Ernst Thälman Monument, photo: Citadel Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann
Photograph from "Haut, Stein" by Jakob Ganslmeier in which he shows former neo-Nazis and the removal of right-wing tattoos from their bodies. © Jakob Ganslmeier

Artist’s Intervention – “Haut, Stein”



Provisions Depot

© Franz Thöricht