Can we escape melancholy?

Saturday 18.1.2020
Beginning: 10.00

Inspiration & thoughts on the exhibition “Verletzbare Subjekte”

How do people create themselves as vulnerable subjects or what dependencies are it that make us vulnerable? Do the perceptions of the exhibited positions and one’s own subjective attitudes change with guiding questions at the back of one’s mind?

The targeted questions and short theses are an offer to the visitors in order to facilitate and broaden their entry into the content-related examination of the exhibition. The attention of the visitors is drawn to central questions of the artistic works as well as to subjective thoughts, so that the visitors are enabled to enter into a dialogue with the works shown and thus to enlarge the space of experience.

A dialogical exchange in cooperation with students of the Universität der Künste in Berlin.

The regular admission prices apply.


Verletzbare Subjekte ©Zitadelle Spandau