Irina Gheorghe performs “Tools for Precision” in “Fragile Formationen”


Beginning: Friday 8.00 p.m.

Price 0€

“Tools for Precision” is a performance in which wooden sticks painted in different colors become instruments of an investigation into the world beyond our senses. The artist’s interaction with the objects in the exhibition “Fragile Formations” is characterized by repetition and failure. The objects become catalysts of absurd encounters and tools of investigation. Their exact use is uncertain, as is the methodology of exploring things that are not there. The objects could belong to a post-apocalyptic scenario in which the traces of ancient civilizations are still present, but their meaning and utility are no longer accessible.



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The 3-G rule applies to participation in this event. A digitally verifiable proof (QR code digital or printed) and a photo ID must be provided at registration.  Wearing an FFP-2 mask is mandatory in closed rooms.



Abb.: Irina Gheorghe “Tools for Precision” in Künstlerhaus Bremen 2021.