*CANCELLED* Curatorial tour “disturbance: witch”

Beginning: Saturday 1.00 p.m.

Price free

Accompany the two curators Alba D’urbano and Olga Vostretsova on a dialogical tour through the exhibition disturbance: witch at ZAK.

The exhibition disturbance: witch approaches the theme of the witch from the perspective of contemporary art. The focus is on “the disturbing factor” that shakes the entrenched power relations and that is inherent in the figure of the witch. The witchy, i.e. “abnormal”, “irrational”, “magical” and “inverted” resists the traditional role patterns and structures and thus poses a threat to the status quo of contemporary societies, which are still white and masculinely dominated.

/ Participation only possible with registration until 28.10: anmeldung@zitadelle-berlin.de – limited number of participants 15 people
/ further information about the exhibition here

/ The tour is in german

/ Meeting place at ZAK