Young art from Berlin


Group Exhibition

10.9.2022 – 1.1.2023

Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst, Gallery Upper floor


/ Imad Alfil / Mel Antiers / Laura Mercedes Arndt / Müge Bakır
/ Leonie Behrens / Benjamin Berkow / Hannes Berwing
/ Noé Borst / Paula Breuer / Seonah Chae / Alanna Dongowski
/ Lunita July Dorn / Sofia Efremenko / Anna Eigner / Philipp Ernst
/ Maria Felsmann / Johanna Hemming / Leyla Kampeter
/ Nazlı Karaturna / Vivyan Klemke / Christopher Krause
/ Marcin Łaszczewski / Jung A Lee / Sunkyu Lee / Zoë Mauritz
/ Felix Mehlig / Anna Luca Mogyorós / Janine Muckermann
/ Helena Ommert / Frida Ortgies-Tonn / Richard Paul
/ Katharina Reinsbach / Janosch Sinn / Lili Theilen
/ Friederike Toeppe / Lars Unkenholz / Oskar Zaumseil


Between humor and seriousness, crisis and happiness, young artists from the weissensee school of art and design berlin explore the many facets of the city in a variety of media. Regardless of their individual subjects, the works possess a lightness, send out a vibe in the swarm and whisper to you: big city, baby.

The project is directed by Prof. Pia Linz and Petra Trenkel and curated by members of the student initiative Kleine Humboldt Galerie: Lotta Feibicke, Nikolas Geier, Anna Latzko, Monique Machicao y Priemer, Saskia Schiemann.




With the kind support of the district development funds of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe
Malerei mit Figur von oben auf Fahrrad und mit großem Kopf
Fig.: Lars Unkenholz, It’s you I’m thinking of, 2022, 170 x 140 cm, oil on canvas


Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst // Alte Kaserne

© Franz Thöricht