Sometimes it is especially funny and enjoyable at the Citadel.

At each summer beginning I invite you to the great museums event for kids. If you can convince the lords and ladies of the Citadel to open up the gates, a great day full of fun and excitement awaits you. Here you can try your luck at playing with marbles, work with wool and clay or participate in the children’s tournament. Also part of the fun are the story teller Knubbelkrud and the Merman.

Additionally twice a year the knights come back to the Citadel to perform their great tournament. The knights are accompanied by many merchants, who offer many interesting things and tasty treats. Try yourself at being a lord, lady or knight of the castle surrounded by music and games.

Would you like to experience the museums of the Citadel in an especially amusing and interesting manner? Then you and your teacher can inform yourselves about the various possibilities and book them here (in German).

Museumskinderfest, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin