Artist Guides Tour

Artist Guided Tour by Asako Tokitsu

Asako Tokitsu and Andreas Schmid are known for their impressive spatial interventions of fine lines and subtle light. For ZAK, they have jointly developed a comprehensive spatial staging that, on the one hand, develops as a monumental calligraphic line in a combination of various anamorphoses and, on the other hand, inscribes itself in the exhibition spaces with three-dimensional installations. The two Berlin-based artists transform the rooms on the upper floor of the ZAK with installations that are as reduced as they are complex. Both Asako Tokitsu and Andreas Schmid stand in the tradition of Minimal Art and work with an extremely reduced vocabulary of forms. Tokitsu’s artistic media are linear drawing in a three-dimensional context, Schmid’s are drawing and light installation. Immanent in both is their preference for site-specific work and an intensive engagement with architectural conditions. In the exhibition, the choice of location and change of location become instruments of a fascinating new spatial experience.


Fig. 1: Asako Tokitsu, Detail  Thirty Two Lines, 2015 © Nacása & Partners Inc., Courtesy of Fondation d’entreprise Hermès
Fig. 2: Andreas Schmid, Detail -Looking for parallels – Empore 3/Gallery 3-, 2023 © Andreas Schmi