Concert: „Hannelore“


Saturday 4.5.2024 4.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.

HANNELORE is a music project by Berlin artists Catherine Lorent and Tom Früchtl, who use guitar, drums and vocals to create a high-energy tapestry of sound that goes against all the rules of art and good behaviour. Once you’ve been there, you believe in the goodness of every turning point. (from announcement Kulturpalast, Berlin)

Hannelore plays spontaneous compositions that evolve from different music genres at the moment of playing, using the structures of metal and experimenting with them. Bossa nova rhythms emerge on the drums, which are contrasted by deep and hard guitar riffs or harmonies from the world of jazz that flow into metal staccatos. Catherine Lorent’s voice changes from a warm female pop alto voice to a rock voice, from jazz vocals to death metal growls. Tom Früchtl’s guitar declines the clichés of rock-metal and pop history.


/ free of charge


Fig.: HANNELORE | Photo: Nicole Bianchet