Tom Früchtl, Sabine Groß and Barbara Hindahl

Group exhibition

10.2.2024 – 5.5.2024

ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art, OG


Opening: Friday 9.2.2024, 7 pm

Speakers: Dr. Carola Brückner, District Councillor for Culture,

Dr. Ralf F. Hartmann, Artistic Director ZAK


“The picture is an object of desire, the desire for the signifi cation that is known to be absent.” (Douglas Crimp, Pictures, New York 1977, p. 183) Painting, sculpture and drawing strategies of artistic appropriation are central for the exhibition Boosted Mimicry.

As typical representatives of a post-postmodern generation, the three artists Tom Früchtl (* 1966), Sabine Groß (* 1961) and Barbara Hindahl (* 1960) dedicate themselves to a critical examination of the art context and investigate the different categories of our perception when we look at art.

Camouflage, fake and trompe-l’oeil play a central role in their paintings and drawings as well as in their three-dimensional works. The neuralgic questions of original and reproduction play a central role in the (hyper)realistic practice of how the three artists reflect on and realize things.

Not only do their works move beyond the traditional assertion of the truth of the original, but they also focus besides icons of modernism on everyday objects that generally play no role in contemporary perception.

Processes of defectiveness, of accident and of failure are made worthy of images and are transformed into new artistic-material aggregate states. The mimetic imitation often turns into a (self-)analysis of the artist’s own artistic practice, the materials used and the value categories within the operating system of art.


Fig.: Tom Früchtl, © VG Bildkunst, Bonn 2023 | Graphic: Bernhard Rose


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