6.4.2019 – 28.7.2019

ZAK Center for Contemporary Art – Gallery EG


The Berlin painter Clemens Gröszer (1951-2014), an artist who always belonged to the extraordinary positions beyond the mainstream both in the late GDR and in the Federal Republic of Germany, will be in the spotlight. With more than 60 portraits from all creative phases, the exhibition at the ZAK, with prominent loans from public and private collections, paints a multifaceted portrait of the painter whose neo-overist painting style, oriented towards the great masters, was decidedly in opposition to current developments in art. The exceptional artist Clemens Gröszer and his humorous and critical view of social upheavals can be discovered.


Supported by a funding from Senate Department for Culture and Europe / Department of Culture.
ill.: Clemens Gröszer, Portrait A. K., 2012, Mischtechnik auf Hartfaser auf MDF-Platte, 61 x 50 cm, © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn, Foto: Bernd Borchardt
Das lange Gebäude der Alten Kaserne, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann


ZAK Center for Contemporary Art // Old Barracks

© Franz Thöricht