Materielle Kollaborationen


Valeria Fahrenkrog, Erik Göngrich, Nora Wilhelm

Group exhibition

31.5.2024 – 25.8.2024

ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art, ground floor


Opening: Thursday, May 30 at 7 pm

Dr. Carola Brückner – District Councillor for Culture

Dr. Ralf F. Hartmann – Spandau Department of Culture


The MITKUNSTZENTRALE – as part of the initiatives and projects of the Haus der Statistik / Haus der Materialisierung in Berlin-Mitte – sees itself as a studio, laboratory, project space, exhibition venue and discussion forum for the urgent questions of urban social future from an artistic and design perspective. With a fundamentally collaborative approach, artists, designers, sociologists, natural scientists, architects and urban planners work on a revision of current practices and strategies for future growth. The radical rethinking from consumption to re-use, from the exploitation of resources to a sustainable approach to living beings, materials, energies and concepts determines the basis for joint thinking, discussion and work. Alongside the discursive practice are concrete material research, recycling processes and research into locations, urban neighborhoods and historical inscriptions. With artistic, urban sociological and participatory actions, the project extends from the exhibition at ZAK to the urban space of the Spandau district.

with: bankleer, Gary Hurst, Rahel Velia Jacob, Rodney LaTourelle, Marcos García Pérez, Lukas Rosier, Nicole Schuck, Susanne Schröder, Boris Sieverts, Martina della Valle, Seçil Yersel



Fig.: MITKUNSTZENTRALE, Haus der Materialisierung, 2024 | Graphic: Bernhard Rose


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