Restoration work on the “Striding Horse” by Josef Thorak

18.10.2022 – 17.02.2023



In the room on the Nazi era, one of the “Striding Horses” designed by the
sculptor Josef Thorak for the garden side of Adolf Hitler’s New Reich
Chancellery was brought in on October 14, 2022. The exhibition rooms on the
Nazi era and on East and West Berlin are currently not accessible because
restoration work is necessary for the repair and stability of the sculpture.
The open studio offers you the opportunity to take a look inside the
exhibition rooms and to follow the cleaning and restoration work on the
“Striding Horse”.
The press reports give an insight into the adventurous history of the object.
You will be able to learn more about it in the revised exhibition room on the
Nazi era starting in 2023. The second of the two horses is currently being
made accessible in a newly constructed show depot at Spandau Citadel.




Schreitendes Pferd
Ill.: View into Exhibition: Striding Horse by Josef Thorak



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