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Arbeiten von 1992 bis heute


Susanne Specht


10.10. – 31.12.2021

Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst, Galerie OG


Susanne Specht (*1958 in Saarbrücken) is an abstract sculptor with an immensely wide and fascinating range of materials. As a master class student at the Berlin University of the Arts, she began with characteristic work in granite and eclogite. She was fascinated by the fact that sometimes only minimal interventions and intensive polishing were used to direct her gaze from the surface of the material into the depths of the mineral structures, colors and shapes – and thus into the earth’s history, which is millions of years old. Experiments with drilling blocks made of black granite led her not only to the development of sound stones – the “intermundia” – but also to the further installation of industrial shaped stones and custom-made concrete modules. Meanwhile, Susanne Specht works with much lighter materials, such as Cellular rubber, which she processes technology-based and allows it to grow into three-dimensional objects in space. This increasing artistic activity in technical parameters and the turn to a modular vocabulary of forms can be found in laser drawings and graphics in addition to the sculptural work.



With the kind support of the district funding funds of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe
Fig.: Susanne Specht: Somno, cellular rubber, 2016 © VG Bild-Kunst for Susanne Specht | Photo: Eric Tschernow
In our video we show the structure of the work “Klänge I” on the upper floor of our exhibition rooms in the ZAK as a timelapse recording.
Susanne Specht: Klänge I, Mason Foil and Acrylic, 2013
Video: Maria Weber M. A.
Das lange Gebäude der Alten Kaserne, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann


Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst // Alte Kaserne

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