Anette Rose

Solo exhibition

31.5.2024 – 25.8.2024

ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art, first floor


Opening: Thursday, May 30 at 7 pm

Dr. Carola Brückner – District Councillor for Culture

Dr. Ralf F. Hartmann – Spandau Department of Culture


Anette Rose’s video installations are part of her long-term project of an “Encyclopaedia of Manipulations”. They focus both on mechanical production processes and on the body language of people performing various manual tasks.

Between the fascination for technical processes and the concentrated attention on movements, a panorama of cultural realities emerges, which have been subject to constant change since the beginning of the industrial age. This is particularly true of textile production, which is the overarching theme of the installations.

In her most recent work, Anette Rose shows non-human actors – weaver birds – spinning, weaving and knotting their nests for the first time. From the three work complexes “Captured Motion”, “Pattern in Motion” and “Nest Building”, her exhibition TWIST reorganizes expansive multi-channel installations that reveal a fascinating spectrum of textile processing. Consistent parameters for the recordings support their comparability. “This strategy follows the practices of the empirical sciences: it is precisely through the generalization in recording and representation that the deviant, the special, emerges more clearly.”


(Ines Lindner)



Fig.: Pattern in Motion,Videostill, 2017, © VG Bildkunst, Bonn 2024 | Graphic: Bernhard Rose


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