Patricia Pisani

Art project on the subject of “migration”

10.10. – 14.11.2021

Spandau Citadel, parade ground


“Weltbewegend” is an installation of lifebuoys at sea on the parade ground of ​​the Spandau Citadel. They stand as a symbol for salvation and as a sign for people who have to flee from different places and times due to war, conflict, violence, poverty, ethnicity, political, religious or sexual attitudes and / or climate change.

The lifebuoys are labeled with the first names of real people and the place from which they fled. They are reminiscent of the lifebuoys with the name and home port of a ship. The installation tries to symbolically stand for all those who were and are in this situation. The past and present of mankind are the history and the present of flight and migration.

According to the UN, sixty million people worldwide were on the run in 2015. At the beginning of 2021 this number has already grown to over 82 million people. Since 2010, the number of people on the run has doubled. Two thirds have fled in their own country and in neighboring countries.






With the kind support of the district funding funds of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe
The project is funded by the “Draußenstadt” BESD program.
The lifebuoys will then be donated to Sea-Watch e.V. Civil Sea Rescue at Europe’s borders after a further presentation.
City Country
Afrin, Syria
Al-Mokha, Yemen
Aleppo, Syria
Baghlan, Afghanistan
Banat, Romania
Bangui, Central African Republic
Berlin, German Democratic Republic
Bia, Hungary
Kozarska Dubica, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Caracas, Venezuela
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Damasak, Nigeria
Damascus, Syria
Ellicott City, USA
Erfurt, German Democratic Republic
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Ghazni, Afghanistan
Ghulja, China
Goma, Congo
Herat, Afghanistan
Hyesan, North Korea
Istanbul, Turkey
Katyr yurt, Chechnya
Kermansha, Iran
Klein Logisch, Lower Silesia
Kodyel, Burkina Faso
Madrid, Spain
Malakal, South Sudan
May-Dima, Eritrea
Minsk, Belarus
Mogadishu, Somalia
Moscow, Russia
Muyinga, Burundi
Nibbiano, Italy
Perewalne, Ukraine
Petropoulaki, Greece
Rangoon, Myanmar
Darfur region, Sudan
Saigon, Vietnam
Salam, Iraq
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Santiago, Chile
Tehran, Iran
Tirbespî, Syria
Vienna, Austria
Wroclaw, Poland
Zábřeh, Czechoslovakia
Sopot, Poland
There is no claim to completeness