Jaakov Blumas / Blindsehen

19.1.2019 – 24.3.2019

Center for Contemporary Art – Gallery OG


Within the coordinates of constructively concrete contemporary art, the works of the painter Jaakov Blumas, born in 1953 in Vilnius/Lithuania, occupy an impressive special position. Contrary to the often flat and monochrome painting style of many artists* in this direction, Blumas, who studied at the HFBK Hamburg with Gotthard Graubner, among others, developed a painterly surface texture on the basis of geometric forms that was as moving as it was tactile. The reason for this is his sensitive handling of the coloring, which articulates itself beyond the primary colors in the finest valleys and nuances.

Jaakov Bluma repeatedly combines circle segments, squares and rectangles to form systemic constellations that often push three-dimensionally into space. He subjects many of his compositions to constant change through variations and new arrangements and invites active participation. Colour is usually applied in the finest lines and stripes, which allow the juxtaposition of many colours in the most confined of spaces. In some works, subtle patterns and delicate shades are added, which remind one of the experimental works of Op-Art from a distance. Jaakov Blumas, however, is characterized by a colorfulness that oscillates between dark earthy and radiant monochrome tones, reminding us less of the origins of the Concrete Constructive in modernism than of the coloring of French landscape painting. The fascinating presence that Jaakov Blumas’ works develop in the wide spatial lines of the Alte Kaserne results precisely from this virtuoso play.


Supported by funds from the district promotion funds of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe.
Abb.: Jaakov Blumas, Ohne Titel, 2017, Mischtechnik
Das lange Gebäude der Alten Kaserne, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann


Center for Contemporary Art  // Old barracks