Jakob Ganslmeier

Solo exhibition

13.8.2020 – 14.2.2021

Bastion Kronprinz




In his photographical work “Haut, Stein“ (Skin, Stone), Jakob Ganslmeier focuses on the exit of former neo-Nazis as well as o how we handle historical National Socialist symbols on public architecture. This exhibition deals with inscriptions: The tattoos are inscriptions in the skin, the architectural NS symbols are inscribed into stone. Coloured photographs tell the stories of how former extreme right-wingers left their scenes. These individual portraits show this “exit” as a process or development by highlighting the tedious removal of right-wing tattoos. Black-and-white photographs depict remnants of National Socialist architecture within public space which have either been left untouched or can still be seen despite attempts to remove them. These pictures show Nazi symbols on houses and train stations, placed in plain sight or slightly less obvious – in the city, on the street, in the village.

The exhibition takes the individual impressions of former neo-Nazis and buildings and weaves them into a social and political analysis: Essentially, symbols and practices from the period of National Socialism still exist to this day. All too often, the German past is treated as if it was a closed chapter. “Haut, Stein” questions this position.

Jakob Ganslmeier: Aus der Serie „Haut, Stein“, 2019, C-Print © Jakob Ganslmeier
Ill.: Haut, Stein  © Jakob Ganslmeier
Bastion Kronprinz © Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau, Zitadelle Spandau Foto: Friedhelm Hoffmann


Bastion Kronprinz

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