Citadel – Courtyard
Bat-Party for children
Sunday, 16 July

10.000 bats choose the Citadel every year as a place, to snore away the cold time of the year. Therefor the vaults of the old fortress offer a lot of hiding places. That is why they belong to one of the most important winter habitats for bats in Europe.

In a show room you can watch living animals from South America and Africa. More than that you can find out exciting and amusing facts about out protected domestic bats. More information you can find on the website of the Berliner Artenschutz Team e.V. (BAT – species protection team of Berlin) (in German). Be there if the tour leads into the catacombs of the Citadel, to experience the small vampires at first hand and learn everything about them. A colourful program is waiting for you:

▶ learn how to hunt, drink and fly like a bat at the Bat-Explorers-Olympics

▶ transform into a small vampire at the childrens make-up

▶ tinker your own bat-mask

▶ have fun in a bouncer castle, at the giant slope or at the bungree-run

▶ experience the Mukketier-band live to sing along and rock out

▶ take part at a exciting boat tour around the Citadel in good weather and muich more…

Trinity Music GmbH the Berliner Artenschutz-Team-BAT.-e.V. invite you to a trip into the land of the bats. Have fun!

Presented by: Trinity Music, Tel. 030 780 99 810

Citadel – Courtyard
New Year’s Eve Party
Sunday 31.12.
Organised by: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Altstadt Spandau e. V., Tel. 030 333 83 77