cacophonic cliniX / online

Saturday 28.11.2020
Beginning: 15.00

“What hearing procedures define the scope of colonial listening politics, and how to dismantle its sonic constraints?” Juana Awad, curator of the chapter

This performative study session will focus on cacophony and multi-vocality as strategies of dissident convergence. At the centre of the collective reading endeavour lie speculative fictions and histories of encounters with fire: the turning into ashes of archives, of bodies, of forests, of buildings, of that and those that cannot be controlled, but also, burning as communal practice and ritual of rebirth. Using the body as repository of knowledge, and listening in its transformative potential, we will reckon with the agency of fire while resting on its ambivalence. Thought of as heat, the sound of the mixed voices will provide the ground for a non-linear and opaque consideration of the concept of ‘destructive care’ (Mombaça, 2018) as a tool for the abolition of colonial soundscapes, ethical equations, and epistemologies.

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/ at 1 pm there will be a guided tour in german through disturbance : witch; participation optional