Finissage Gotisches Haus – Cancelled!

Gotisches Haus

Sunday 24.11.2019
Beginning: 15.00

Price frei

Unfortunately the finissage / “Theodor Fontane and Karl May. Brandenburg-Prussia in the work of bestselling authors” will be cancelled due to sickness!

Attention: This exhibition takes place in the Gotisches Haus, Breite Str. 32, 13597 Berlin.

What would Fontane be without his Emilie?
The actress Margrit Strassburger gives an authentic insight into the lives of both spouses.

The exchange between the two spouses never diminished, even if it wasn’t always harmonious. Their letters bear witness to this. Emilie, an adopted child, was used to misery, she did a lot to prevent the Fontane family from seeming to descend. Unfortunately, few noticed it. At the end of his life, Fontane confessed to his wife: “How bad did you have it? I’m not talking about me. Poet’s madness and poet’s arrogance help you to get over everything…. The real happiness lies only in the family.”

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