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Beginning: Saturday 12.00 p.m.


spiritual activism, pleasure activism, perreo &  decolonial strategies

Yoggaton workshop and Q&A with Macque Pereyra

“I understand curatorial work as part of a collective healing process, in which the connections to other          positions, practices and forms of existence can be shown and thus individual work can be located in a         collective and decolonial network.” (Verena Melgarejo Weinandt)

Yoggaton is yoga & reggaeton. Spiritual and pleasure activism and intense perreo. Yoggaton is a movement practice that works at physical, emotional, mental, spiritual & decolonial levels.  In the workshop we will go through the practice of Yoggaton and it’s multilayered aspects and inputs.     Practical and theoretical materials on decolonial strategies, intersectional feminism, spirituality and perreo as empowerment tools will be shared.

The aim of this workshop is to deepen the understanding of embodied knowledge and the empowerment it brings with. The importance of the body as a container of wisdom has been systematically relegated by Western standards of knowledge. We are going to link theoretical knowledge that precisely comes from authors who work with and from the body to awaken the wisdom of our own bodies by emphasizing the intersectionalities that compose those theories in regards to the particularities of the group and the individuals.

Meditation and perreo for empowerment!

/ Curated by Melgarejo Weinandt

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