The collection of the Spandau City History Museum was created at the end of the 19th century. It grew continuously through donations, purchases and permanent loans. It currently comprises over 12,000 objects on everyday culture and the history of Spandau.

The collection includes items from the fields of handcraft, trade and commerce, industry, agriculture, building, living and everyday culture, city administration, transport, leisure and culture, medicine, natural history, archeology and militaria. This includes furniture, household items, tools, clothing, uniforms, flags, weapons, medals, trophies, models and, last but not least, toys.

A large part of the collection can be seen in the permanent exhibitions of the Spandau City History Museum in the armory on the Citadel and in the Gothic House at Breite Straße 32, Berlin. In addition, the objects are shown in special exhibitions and on loan from other museums. The archive of the Spandau City History Museum contributes to its scientific research.


The collection is not only kept safe, but also continuously documented and expanded. We collect objects that were manufactured or used in Spandau, are socially relevant and significant for Spandau’s history. Do you have such objects that you would like to make publicly available and preserve for future generations? Then feel free to contact us. We look forward to your donation.

You can record your information about the donation in the object acceptance form.

A current call for collections and a selection of the latest donations can be found here.

Fig. 1: Philetta, Philips tube radio, 1960s © Spandau City History Museum
Fig. 2: Picnic suitcase, late 1920s © Spandau City History Museum




Fig. 3: Opening of the Staaken sports field in 1970, photo by Claus Rehfeld © Archive of the Spandau City History Museum


The archive of the Spandau City History Museum, located in the attic of the Palas, is the starting point for anyone interested in history. It makes historical information accessible to its users and imparts knowledge about the history of the city and the district. Its holdings include the Old Council Archive, the newspaper archive, the photo archive, the map collection and a library. You can find a more detailed overview for download here.

Seite aus dem Ratsprotokollbuch von Spandau von 1712, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann