Diversität in Kunst und Kultur: Vision oder Realität?

ZAK – Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst

Saturday 11.11.2023 10.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.



The diversity of Berlin’s cultural sector is highly valued nationally and internationally as a symbol of the city. However, this diversity is not consistently reflected in output or infrastructure. Many cultural workers and institutions in the sector emphasise the need for greater inclusiveness and diversity, yet clarity on the concepts and approaches often remains elusive. Challenges such as limited expertise and communication, coupled with shortages of resources and time, make addressing structural issues a difficult task.

This conference offers a platform for the Municipal Galleries Working Group to deepen its engagement with diversity, highlighting it as a holistic process that impacts programs, audiences, workforces, and partnerships.

With insights on curatorial research, alternative internal structures, communication, and outreach, handpicked experts will present actionable working methods that prioritise diversity sensitivity and discrimination awareness. In lectures and workshops, artists, curators, and speakers from various fields will address pivotal questions such as: What defines diversity? What would a cultural work practice that challenges discrimination look like? How can steps toward increased inclusivity and participation be initiated, especially with limited resources?

Designed to cater to both freelance and institutionally affiliated art and cultural professionals, the conference also provides valuable networking opportunities.


To the KGB-Conference program.


/ Participation is free of charge
/ Anyone interested is welcome to attend
/ Registration is by email by 11/5/2023 at: mail@kgberlin.net
/ The conference will be held in German


An event of the Arbeitskreis Kommunale Galerien Berlin.
More information is available at https://kgberlin.net/kgb-home


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