*online* Talk with neo-Nazi dropout Maik Scheffler and EXIT-Germany

Bastion Kronprinz

Friday 13.11.2020 6.00 p.m. - 11.59 p.m.

For almost 20 years, Maik Scheffler was an active member of Germany’s extreme right – as owner of a scene bar, as organizer of demonstrations and as vice party leader of the NPD in Saxony. In 2015, he came into contact with EXIT-Germany, an organization supporting and accompanying the exit of neo-Nazis from right-wing environments. His dropout was succesful. Since then, Maik Scheffler publicly discusses his former life as a right-wing extremist, his political career and how he turned away from all this with the help of an exit programme.

In the context of the exhibition “Haut, Stein” (Skin, Stone) by Jakob Ganslmeier, which photographically captures the exit process of former neo-Nazis, Maik Scheffler speaks with EXIT-Germany about his past in the extreme right.

Registration is required at: jung@zitadelle-berlin.de

/ The event is in German
/ for more information about the exhibition, click here

Ill.: Jakob Ganslmeier, from the series „Haut, Stein“, 2019, C-Print © Jakob Ganslmeier