Vernissage: Raphael Nagel – Lass mich mich nicht kriegen

Center for Contemporary Art – Project Space

Thursday 9.2.2023 7.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

Welcome: Frank Bewig, District City Councilor

Introduction: Ralf F. Hartmann, Head of the Cultural Office

Solo exhibition

until 7.5.2023

For his first institutional solo exhibition in Berlin, Raphael Nagel devotes himself to his alter ego: a genderfluid figure equally present in digital and analog worlds. Decked out in a combination of blue, yellow, and red, the alter ego takes on various formal guises: As a sticker, an Instagram filter, or an icon for consumer products, it becomes an enduring mark in a constantly changing world. Starting from this art figure, Raphael Nagel produces a series of large-format self-portraits with gestural-excessive painting and examines the alter ego in its multidimensionality. The focus is less on painterly elaboration than on a deeply subjective self-analysis. Characteristic of this is the reduction to significant forms and a fast, sometimes radical style. The endlessly reproducible branding within virtual and analog consumer worlds thus stands in contrast to the individualistic medium of painting.


Fig.: Raphael Nagel Alter Ego, digital image 2022



Brustbild Figur Gelb Rot Blau