Der Fahnenbestand des Stadtgeschichtlichen Museums Spandau

09.03.2023 – 30.07.2023



The Stadtgeschichtliche Museum Spandau owns an important collection of historical flags and banners. Among them are pieces from former district, sports, choir, allotment, craft and war associations, schools and the Spandau army workshops that existed until 1919. As part of a three-week practical project on inventorying, students of Museology from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences dealt intensively with part of this flag stock. With great care, they recorded, digitized and documented the condition of the flags. In addition, they researched the object histories in the museum’s archives. The exhibition shows a look behind the scenes of the museum. It presents the students’ inventory work as well as the history of the flags of the former Spandau army workshops.

Students: Alisa Benders, Anna Sophie Damaschke, Lisa Klein, Maxi Kutzer, Monika Resner


Banner der Königlichen Munitions-Fabrik Spandau, 1890 @ Zitadelle Spandau