Solo Exhibition

7.5. – 21.8.2022

Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst, Projekt room


We perceive after-images with closed eyes, as memories, when the original light stimulus of the concrete pre-image has already faded away. It is similar with the works of Jochen Schneider – what we have seen resonates and gives the impetus to his drawings and then to images within us, which now tell their own, new story – without providing final answers.

Jochen Schneider dedicates his artistic work to the exploration and graphic appropriation of the immediate everyday world. Sensual experiences and observations provide the impulse – things, structures and textures, experiences and feelings. His works always arise from memories. Memories are difficult to grasp and have no material form, but they are not without object. If they take on a visual form, they become something else.

The underlying images, situations and objects are dissolved into complete abstraction. The artist reduces, connects, arranges and reinvents. Spatial perspectives and two-dimensional bodies stand against each other and resist the impression of unambiguity and harmony. What we see as viewers no longer refers anywhere to the origin of the image.

The sheets, always laid out in graphite, are formed from transparent layers of lines, hatchings, and condensed surfaces, from which amorphous or almost geometric volumes emerge and are transformed into pictorial form. They are thin, parallel layers of lines that, like fine threads, seem to weave larger forms, sometimes freely arranged next to each other, sometimes overlapping, into transparent or opaque fabrics.

As signs, they stand in relation to one another and refer to things that recall the familiar. In the conundrum between formal assertion and graphic dissolution of the pictorial motifs, sheets of the highest sensitivity emerge.




With the kind support of the district development funds of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe
Grafik mit schwarzen Strichen, die organische und geometrische Formen bilden.
Fig.: Jochen Schneider: Untitled, 2021, graphite on paper, 29.7 x 21 cm © Jochen Schneider
Das lange Gebäude der Alten Kaserne, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin, Friedhelm Hoffmann


Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst // Alte Kaserne

© Franz Thöricht


Grafik mit schwarzen Strichen, die organische und geometrische Formen bilden.
Grafik mit schwarzen Strichen, die organische und geometrische Formen bilden.