Return in dignity”, under this motto the SOLWODI program started in 1992 for women, who wanted to return to their home country. Politically and socially, little has changed for SOLWODI’s clients. They are still the ones most affected by poverty and violence. But they are also still the women who, with an almost inexhaustible energy to ensure that they can offer their children a better future. 23 clients have allowed their return process to be monitored and published over the last 10 months. From this feedback, collages have been created that provide insight into the new beginning in their home country. They let us share their worries and fears, but also their pride in what their pride in what they have already created. 37 artists are participating in the exhibition. They have dealt with the lives of the clients and transformed them into impressive works of art.  As a medium they have used painting, photography, sculpture, collage and installation.


The artists:

Sevil Amini / Nadine Arbeiter / Karen Bayer / Silke Bosbach / Diana Ecker / Katharina Erben u. / Renée Kellner / Dagmar Feuerstein / Dorothea Fleiss / Ingrid Freihold / Barbara Freundlieb / Marianna Gostner / Michaela Hanemann / Gabrielle Hattesen / Bettina Hauke / Patricia Hell / Franziska Hofmann / Gabriele Irle / Verena Kandler / Gaby Kutz / Eva Lippert / Elke Mank / Stanislava Maryšková / Birgit Rehfeldt / Franziska Rutishauser / Elena Schmidt / Ellen Schneider-Stötzner / Helga Schwalt-Scherer / Judith Siedersberger / Doris Sprengel / Christiane Steitz / Christian Trzaska /
Stéphanie Uhres / Sabine Voigt / Ekaterina Weiß / Sara Welponer / Betty Wirtz / Anja Ziegler

Bildcredits: © SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.
© SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.