The poison cabinet for problematic sculptures and monuments


12.5. – 29.9.2024


The idea of opening a Schaudepot (display depot) with unwanted objects from the culture of remembrance came about through “Hitler’s Horses”: two larger-than-life bronze horses from 1939 who came to the Citadel in 2021. The sculptures were too massive to house them both in the museum Unveiled. Berlin and its monuments. So they were separated and the Bastion Königin was converted into a storage and exhibition space. Other unwanted Berlin monuments and sculptures were added so that they could be exhibited here and tell their story instead of making them disappear; most recently a marble bust of Adolf Hitler found in a construction site in 2023.

However, the Bastion Königin is not only a logistical solution to the problem of “Where to put these huge artefacts of history?”. In terms of content, it ties in with Unveiled. Berlin and its monuments, but the aim here is to try an experiment: Every year, curators from science, art or even schools and other educational institutions are asked to create a new exhibition with the same

From July 2024, the Schaudepot (display depot) will host an intervention by video artist Nnenna Onuoha on a statue read in racist terms.

Visitors are invited to express their thoughts and wishes at any time!


Fig.: Flyer Schaudepot © Zitadelle Spandau | Graphic „Have a toxic experience“ © Johanna Benz, Tiziana Beck /