Simon P. Schrieber

Solo exhibition

23.9.2023 – 7.1.2024

ZAK – Centre for Contemporary Art


The sculptor Simon P. Schrieber (*1953 in Berlin) places the human figure at the centre of his artistic work in monumental marble and wood sculptures, bronzes and plasters, he searches beyond a naturalistic depiction for idealised and artistically exaggerated images of the human. In doing so, his conception of the figure moves between archaic, arabesque and abstraction. A former master student of Joachim Schmettau at the Berlin University of Arts, Schrieber is one of the most prominent representatives of the Berlin school of sculpture at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries and has developed his own characteristic formal language. His works, which are committed to the representational, are characterised by concentrated volumes, extraordinary formal inventions and compositions that are as reduced as they are complex. Schrieber takes great care with the sculptural surfaces and masterfully works out the characteristics of the different materials.

In addition to a representative cross-section of his sculptural work, selected watercolours and drawings provide insight into the artistic development processes.

Fig.: Simon P. Schrieber, Der lange Abschied, o.J. © Simon P. Schrieber