Olaf Bastigkeit*

12.9.2018 – 7.4.2019

Center for contemporary art – Arsenal


The exhibition “Collectors and Hunters – Wunderkammer Zitadelle” dares an experiment – unusual for a museum of city history: With the sculptor Olaf Bastigkeit we invited a young Berlin artist to look around our collection of the Museum of City History in Spandau and to make a very personal selection of objects that arouse his artistic interest. The artist’s gaze goes beyond the highlights of the collection and concentrates more on objects that have an interesting form, possess an extraordinary colourfulness or are of special quality in terms of content.

The presentation of this selection is based on the theme of the Renaissance Chambers of Wonder, in which art and curiosities were presented, and is integrated into an artistic setting. Arranged from valuable pieces of furniture as well as from simple packaging boxes, pedestals and never-before-exhibited, often bizarre-looking objects, a maze emerges. This, wrapped in plastic tarpaulins and delicate chiffon fabrics, forms the architectural framework for the collection objects and artistic works of other artist colleagues* who have invited Olaf Bastigkeit to this experiment.


*featuring: Mariechen Danz, Moritz Frei, Jay Gard, Hannah Hallermann, Christian Henkel, Marian Luft, Yvonne Roeb


Supported by funds from the district promotion funds of the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe.
Flyer "Collectors and Hunters"
Zeughaus, Foto: Zitadelle Berlin


Center for contemporary art // Arsenal OG