Various artists work in this house. Among other things crèmes and soaps are made and wool is dyed in here. You are welcome to join some of these activities.

“Klangholz” offers you to have a look at, listen to or even build very special musical instruments yourself. Would you like to become a good bard? (That’s how some musicians were called in the past.) Already my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother Kunigunde used to say that every good party needs a good bard.

If you feel like you have discovered enough of the Citadel and would like to relax your tired legs, you are welcome to visit the puppet theatre. It’s always funny in there.

You can also always visit my friends at the bat cellar and discover what we bats like to eat, how we live at the Citadel and why we like it here so much.